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The F Medicare Supplement Plan in California


F plan for MedicareMedicare supplement plans in California have gone through many changes over the past few years.





We've lost some plans...gained some plans but one plan has remained strong and true through all the tumult.


The G Plan.


This standardized plan has been the most popular Medigap plan since the G Plan was discontinued for new enrollees and will continue to be.


Let's take a look at the basic benefits and why it stacks up so well.


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First, a walk through the core benefits of G Medigap plan


This is really the big pro for the G Plan.


The plan covers all the main "gaps" in coverage that having only traditional Medicare poses EXCEPT for the doctor annual deductible (around $150/year).


The G Plan covers the Part A deductible, 20% coinsurance for both Part A and B plus additional supplementary benefits.


It also covers Excess which is very important and will become even more so in the future when Medicare inevitably squeezes the doctors further.


You can see the full benefit summary when you run your California Medigap quote.


It's the most comprehensive plan in the Medicare supplement flavor on the market which is the big attraction.


Benefits are only one concern when choosing a Medicare supplement plan - Cost is equally important.


This also works to the G Plans advantage due to how Medicare itself works.


Comparing G Plan with Employer Provided Plans


On the pre-65 market, having such rich plans would translated into a very high premium relative to the other plans.


Medicare supplements are a little different.


With the pre-65 plans, the insurer is covering 100% of the risk.


With a supplement plan, Medicare is covering 80% of the expenses.


The supplement plan is covering 20% of the potential risk.


Because of this fact, the difference between an G Plan and say a C plan is not as great.


Because of this fact, it usually makes sense to move up the benefit scale and take a richer plan. That's the G Plan.


On the benefit side, the Excess benefit is really critical.


You can access the online application here:


Quote California medicare supplement and advantage plans


G Plan and Medicare Excess


A Medicare provider can charge up to 15% higher than what Medicare allows. There's no cap to this 15%.


For a $20K bill, you might pay $3000.


This can only go up from there.


It's very important that we cover this un-capped risk and the G Plan does that.


Run your Medigap quote below and compare the benefits and cost against the other plans on the market. Use the G Plan as the benchmark against which you compare the other plans.


Since the G Plan is standardized by Medicare (the benefits are identical from carrier to carrier), find the lowest priced G Plan and use that. Medication will be handled with a separate Part D plan.


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