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-Medicare Supplements are Standardized by the Federal Government (detail below)
-80% of Med Sup shoppers purchase the G Plan (detail below)
-Your total package is Part A and B (Medicare), a Med Supp plan, and a Part D RX plan

-Quote and Compare California Medicare Supplement Plans (doctor networks, brochures, exclusions can be
  accessed by clicking on plan name through the quote)

Senior Medicare market in CaliforniaSummary of the Senior Medigap Insurance Market:


Senior health insurance in California primarily centers around Medicare for individuals age 65 and older (or disabled under 65). Medicare has three major parts (Part A for hospital,


Part B for physicians, and Part D for medication). Medicare supplements or Medigap plans are purchased through private carriers to supplement traditional Medicare (Part A and B) at varying levels. Part D medication plans are also sold on the private market separately. There is also Advantage plans (Part C) which essentially substitute for traditional Medicare.


Medicare supplement quote

Key Points for Senior Medigap Health: 

  1. Medigap health plans can be guaranteed issue regardless of health and the carriers under certain qualifying events such as turning age 65 or leaving group health with a new Part B.
  2. The plans are standardized by Medicare so an G Plan is an G Plan regardless of the carrier.
  3. The G Plan has been the best value on the market and generally offers the most comprehensive coverage.
  4. Part A is generally paid for while Part B requires a monthly premium for most people. Part D also requires a monthly premium.
  5. Most doctors/hospitals "accept Medicare" but some will choose to charge higher than what Medicare allows which is called "excess". The G Plan covers excess.
  6. The dominant carriers in the California Medigap health market are AARP, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, and Health Net.
  7. The rates are pretty comparable but can differ by age/area so make sure to run your quote and see them side by side here.
  8. There may be a fee to delay enrolling in a Part D medication benefit when eligible.
  9. The contract is month to month with no long term requirement.


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