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One of our Agents will get right to work on your Group health quote.  


With over 15 years average experience in the California group health market, you will receive invaluable (actually, the savings are quantifiable and can be very large) information on the best values in today's group health market.


There has never been a more critical time to re-evaluate group health insurance options with the ACA law implementation.  


Everything has changed and vigilance can mean $1000's if not 10's of $1000's in savings (or over-paying).


We'll get right to work.


Most proposals are turned around in 24 hours (during business hours). If there is any additional needed information, we will contact you directly but only in regards to your group health quote.


Your information is never sold or given to anyone else.


Please feel free to call us at 866-486-6551 with any questions.

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