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Do You Need Help With Existing Covered California Account?

This is probably our 2nd biggest function beyond enrolling people newly into Covered Ca.

As certified Covered California agents with 20+ years experience in health insurance and 1000's of enrolled members in Covered Ca, there's no cost for our assistance.


Check out our Google Reviews!

In most situations, we (and the client) wish that we would have enrolled them from the get-go.

Roughly 50% of the self-enrolled applications we come across have errors in them which have the following effects:

The whole point of the ACA law (really) is the tax credit and that's where we see the biggest issue.

Not a problem!

A person with an existing account can delegate us as the agent and we can get the account straightened out.

There's no cost for this assistance...exact same rates and plans.

We can even help throughout the year with changes, questions, and updates.

This is incredibly important since Covered Ca's system is so finicky.

For example, if you make a simple change before the current month's premium is made, it can cancel the account for that month.

Most people don't realize this and only find out when a medical bill comes up and it's not covered.

There's also the question of Medi-Cal going in and unhooking coverage.

Look at our Google reviews here to get a sense of how we help people navigate this process.


It's what we do!

How to get help for your Covered Ca account

You can delegate us (steps below) and I can help with the account.  As Certified Covered agents, our assistance is free.   Check out our Google Reviews here.



If you don't have access to your account, we can send over a simple 1-page request by email at

You can always remove us as the delegated agent going forward at any time. 

Call 800-320-6269 or email us with a scheduled time to go through your particular situation.

Let's look at some of the common issues:

Let's look at these examples first.

For these and other questions, just call or email us.

I'm not getting a tax credit in Covered Ca

There are many sections of the online app that can prevent a tax credit from showing.

The income section alone is confusing and complicated but that's not the end of it.

There are about 5-7 different questions that can directly and incorrectly imperil your tax credit.

IWhen we go back and confirm, it was usually one or two questions that were misunderstood.

Follow the steps above and email us.  We'll do a quick scan and find out why a tax credit isn't showing.

I'm being offered Medi-Cal and I don't want it

This is usually a question of income and the confusion around how to estimate it.

We did a full review on Covered Ca income and tax credits but more than likely, it's just how the info was entered into the system.

Follow the steps above and we can see where the issue is.

Email us with your best estimate for this year's income.

Once you're in the Medi-Cal net, we'll explain how to get out of it if it doesn't apply.


Again, it's usually just mistakes in how questions are answered on the app.

My kids are being offered Medi-Cal

There's a different threshold of income for kids 18 and under.

In many situations, adults will be given Covered Ca plans while kids are given Medi-Cal.

This can be an issue if their doctors don't participate with Medi-Cal.

We're happy to help look at options in this situation.

With many people, it comes down to an error in income estimation.

WE can also get the standard plans without a tax credit for kids and avoid the Medi-Cal situation altogether.

Delegate above and then check with us by email or at 800-320-6269.

The Covered Ca rates don't match the quote

There are many reasons for this.

First, there can be a mistake in how questions are answered which leads to this result.

The household income estimates may be off.

Finally, there's a bizarre twist if you make changes or enroll mid-year where the remaining tax credit is bunched up in the remaining months.

We can quickly figure out what's going on.  Just delegate above.

Covered Ca is asking for income verification

This along with other verifications are very common.

In many cases, there are simple forms we can complete to address this.

Delegate above and we'll walk you through the process which takes about 5 minutes usually.

We can even upload for you on this side after making sure everything looks good.

We'll be able to track the status and verify receipt by Covered Ca as well.

I need to make changes to my Covered Ca account

This should be a simple process but it's not always.

If a change is made prior to the current month, it can cancel the plan for the month.

Also, if other answers are incorrectly entered (enrollment trigger, etc), it can push the eff date out a full month.

Let us help you.  We do 1000's of these a year with no issues!

We can also explain if any tax credit or plan changes will result from other entries.

I need to pay my first Covered Ca premium

We can walk through this process and even provide a secured form for the first payment so we can process it on our side.

This activates the account in Covered Ca which is very important.

A large number of people see their policy cancel never effective due to first payment delays or issues.

Just delegate above and we'll get started.

I need help with my Covered Ca income estimate

This is by far the trickiest and most important piece of Covered Ca.

It directly drives the tax credit.

Income estimation is also the most difficult as it's practically a tax question.

We can help walk through your situation and find the best result for you.

Assistance with Covered Ca income estimation may be our biggest asset to bring to you in this process.

Again, half the people we come across who self-enrolled have errors here and most of those errors prevent them from getting the full tax credit they are eligible for.

Here are the delegation steps:


Check out our Google reviews...we can really make this process easier and better!