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How Can I Get Help With Our Existing Group Health Plan?


Just having a group health plan doesn't mean a company is done.


There's always something coming up during the year and more importantly, renewal is a time to completely re-evaluate rates and options.

These days, rates can fluctuate quite a bit from year to year and we're literally throwing away money if we're not on top of this since the plans are standardized.

If you only had the time!

Let us take this off your plate.

As licensed California health insurance agents with 20+ years of experience with group health plans, there's zero cost for our assistance.


Just check out our Google reviews here to get a sense of what we offer.

Let's walk through some of the key ways we can help you:

Let's take a look at these as a sampling of day-to-day assistance.

We need a new agent for our group health plan

Many companies do not have a group health agent or don't get much from their current relationship.

We generally see this at renewal where the agent doesn't adequately shop the market for the company.

It's a lot of work on this side to compare all the plans and carriers for a given company and some agents get laxed over time.

It reminds me of our friend in agriculture after the big E.coli scare.

"Don't go looking for something you don't want to find".

Meaning, there's a good chance at renewal that a better-priced plan will be found.

That means having to change everything over which is work for the agent.

Some will just want to keep things the way they are but this is a huge disservice to the company and most likely, the employees if there's cost-sharing of plan costs.

There's also the day-to-day of the group health plan which is critical.

Employee additions, changes, removals, etc.

We handle all of that for our clients to take it off of the employer's list.

Some agents close shop or retire and that can leave the company without an agent.

Check out our google reviews here to see if we might be a good fit.

Also, it's important to have a 3rd party agent instead of going direct with the carrier for a simple reason.

We routinely see carriers send options to employers that don't include all the plans and in some cases, don't include the best-priced plans!

The carriers have their own agenda and it's not always (if rarely even) aligned with the company's interests.

Even with a company like Kaiser, there can be ways to mix-and-match Kaiser with other carriers or get it under CalChoice or even Covered Ca to reduce costs for similar plans!

Kaiser themselves are never going to show you these options.

You need a competent and independent agent for this.

Even more so for the other carriers with multiple networks, dozens of plans, etc.

The easy approach is to request a quote here and let us go to work (free to you)

Let's see what we can find in your area compared to what you already have.

That's a great place to start!

We need help comparing group health plans and rates

This is by far, the biggest deal.

Making sense of all the options (100's of plans in many markets) can be overwhelming.

This is where we shine.

Check out our review on how to save on group health plans in California.

In a given plan level, there may be 10-20 plans.

How do we analyze that to find the best value?

Easily and here's what we generally do.

We'll first run a quote at a given level (usually silver since it's so popular) across all the carriers.

We can then narrow down who is priced best for your demographic and area.

Once the carrier is narrowed down, we can then quote across a range of levels with the best value in each level included.

From there, we create a worksheet for employees with all the options but the employer contribution is based on one of the following:

The latter is by far the most popular as it takes into account age differences.

The beauty of this is that the employer has a defined budget while the employees get flexibility and choice.

Again, let us know how to help.

We need help enrolling in small business health plans

This can be a new enrollment like with a start-up or just a switch to another carrier.

Let us take the confusion and work out the process for you.

Once we've established the right plan and carrier, we'll generate worksheets for the employees based on the company's designated budget.

Of course, we'll guide you through the enrollment requirements, and due to our volume of activity with the carriers, we generally get a response back in a week from complete submission!

We'll also look for any savings that might be missing (POP125's, HSA's, etc).  

The biggest part of this is one on one discussions with employees on their specific health care needs and options.

It's important as the employer that you don't know too much about an employee's health situation.

An arm's length distance protects the employer.

Of course, any questions after enrollment or throughout the year is completely supported.

Let's go there now

We need help with making changes to our group health plan

This can be at the time of renewal and even during the year.

There are many ways to make changes both for the company and for employees that most employers don't know about.

That's where we come in!

Of course, there are basic changes like addresses and points of contact.

Just email over changes to us as your licensed agent and we'll get it processed with a confirmation to you.

Employees can also make changes with a host of different triggers.

This is all shrouded in law but let us know what needs to be done and we'll see if there's a way to do it.

We can even help structure the plan so that we have the maximum flexibility to make changes during the year.

Also, we can help align the renewal month to the 1st of the year to coincide with deductibles, etc.

That's always a point of contention with employees as many companies still have mid-year (even December) renewals from years in the past.

We can even get things corrected where a carrier might say "no" at first with great contacts within the carriers.

Let us know how we can help at 800-320-6269 or by email.

We need help finding ways to save on California small business health insurance

Check out our full review on how to save on group health insurance.

Lots of tips to guide the process and we're happy to run quotes right away to see what's available on the market for you.

No pressure.  No sales job.  If you see something you like, we're here to help.

Again, read our Google reviews to get a sense of what it's like to deal with us.

With about 50% of the companies that price-check their current plan against existing market options, we find better values.

Reductions in cost generally from 10-20% on average.

Here's why.

The carriers will go through periods where they aggressively try to gain market share.

We see it on the broker side with incentives and the like but these things tend to cycle.

For that reason, your current carrier may have been priced best when you enrolled during one of these phases.

This eventually catches up to them on the claims side and they have to adjust so the rates go up each year.

Another carrier will then see an opportunity and do the same thing.

These swings generally last a few years but you may be on the tail year with your carrier.

It's really important to double-check the market and we can easily (no cost) do this for  you here:


Also, check out our savings tip page.

We need help with employee questions, additions, removals, etc

This is our customer's favorite aspect of what we bring to the company.

We get on the phone (or by email) and walk through employee questions directly with them.

You can route their question right to us and we'll help them out.

Whether it's picking a plan, comparing options, enrolling, or making changes, we're your HR rep and people love us.

With 20+ years of experience directly with group health insurance, no question is too small.

Also, we're well versed in Covered Ca, Medicare, and the other questions that generally come up from employees.

We'll steer them in the right direction and take a great deal of work off your plate.

Our employees need help picking their health plan

Either at new group plan enrollment, renewal or with new employees, this function is where we shine.

As we mentioned above, it's very important not to get into health situations with employees to protect the company.

We, on the other hand, can go through exactly what they need and find the best plan for them and their budget.

We do it every day with existing companies!

The contribution is structured in such a way that the employer's budget is protected either way so there's no downside to having our involvement.

We have great relationships with employees from all our companies for decades now.

There's no cost for our assistance with group health plans.

Check out the Google reviews to get a sense of how it is to work with us.

How can we help with your existing group health plan needs?