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Two Decades Of Helping Californians Find Affordable Health Insurance

We are independent health insurance agents that specialize in California health insurance for over 20 years.

This independent designation has never been more important than now with all the changes occurring on the California health market.

Let’s discuss why this is so and how we can help you navigate a marketplace that has hasn’t changed this much since it’s inception.

Does A Company Have To Offer Health Insurance In California?

It’s a good question and there’s plenty of confusion.
10,000 pages of the new ACA law requirements doesn’t help the matter.
So what are the requirements for California companies when it comes to offering health insurance to employees?
We’ll look at what is required.
What makes sense.
And what you should absolutely avoid doing (unless you love lots of IRS attention).
Of course you can always quote all major carriers side by side here at no cost to you!

Kaiser Versus Blue Shield Of California

There are areas where they are the only real providers available…especially for hospital care.
For certain markets (individual and family including Covered California), that now is a huge factor since Blue Shield signed deals with these providers from 2014 on.

It’s less of an issue for Employer coverage and Medicare but Shield and Kaiser still compete aggressively.