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Summary of the Individual Family Market:


Individual health insurance in California is for people who do not have group or government health options and need to purchase their own private health coverage. The market itself is very dynamic and frankly, confusing plus the shoppers are generally not well versed in health insurance terminology since they typically shop once every seven years for this type of coverage.


This market is the most affected by the ACA law so we will focus on how to navigate the new Covered California market to YOUR advantage.


First, let's look at the key points to understand:


Key Points for Individual Family California Health 


Individual is no longer medically underwritten. You do not have to qualify based on health.

Contracts are month to month which means that you can cancel any month and renew up to age 65 as long as payment is made.

Currently, there are 4 standardized benefit levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum)

Self employed individuals may be able to deduct 100% of this type of insurance.

Payment is generally not required immediately although the policy will not be "activated" until first payment is received.

Rates are standardized which means that the rates shown in our instant quote are best available on the market.

Maternity is mandated coverage on all new plans. Preventative is covered at 100%.

Dominant carriers in the California individual market are Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, Blue Shield of California, Health Net with smaller regional carriers in that order.

Here's the big change and real the gist of the ACA law itself..


There are large tax credits available based on income which can significantly reduce your month premium and/or offer you richer benefits


We now have Open Enrollment windows (generally Nov 15th-Feb 15th) during which to apply or change plans.  Otherwise, we need to qualify based on Special Enrollment triggers. 

We can help you evaluate if you fall in one of these categories.


Quoting health insurance used to be pretty straight forward but those days are gone.  It's best to run through your situation with us, Certified Covered California Agents, to find out which option is best.  Call 800-320-6269 and we can quickly establish if you are eligible for a tax credit, eligible to enroll at this time, and what level of plan is the most cost advantageous. 


You can run your Individual Health Plan Quote here to view rates and plans side by side from the major carriers...Free.

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