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Our Cloud Based HR System is Your New Best Friend

online payroll in CaliforniaIt's hard to get excited about health benefits for California companies. Years of increasing costs. All the changes from the ACA law.

It can be relentless.

Every now and then, we get something that offers a ray of hope.

The HSA's did that when they first came out.

PPO's preceded the HSA's.

HMO's came later to reduce costs.

The new melding of internet and HR management is such a pivot point.

For some companies, our free system will be a life-saver. Let's first look at who it works for.

Which California companies benefit from SimpleFits?

Any company that wants to save time, hassle, and money managing health benefits.

Since it's free to all our groups (we pay for the service on our side), it benefits all companies but some companies are really going to see a huge impact.

These companies are going to LOVE SimplFits

  1. Companies with a lot of turnover
  2. Companies with many employees (15-25+)
  3. Companies where HR budgets and/or personnel are stretched
  4. Dynamic companies that are growing quickly
  5. Start-ups which need a clean interface for new employees
  6. Companies that offer different plan and benefit options

We'll look at all these types in detail, but let's first outline what SimplFits is.

online HR systemThe many benefits of SimpleFits HR

SimplFits is a free service to our groups (health benefits through us) that offers a cloud-based, online HR management system.

It's is clean. Easy to use. And incredibly robust.

The goal is reduce your time and effort managing HR process by 50%.

It easily does that!

Here are the key functions you can expect:

Employee Onboarding

Quickly bring on new employees one time and have their information propagate across health benefits, payroll, and HR.

Think about this.

A few key entries and the employee forms automatically transfer to the carrier, payroll, and other HR systems.  You can send an email to a new employee and they enter the info.

One page. One entry. Multiple systems!

Here's the process.

Your plan options and HR parameters are already loaded into the system (we can help you establish this information up front).

You simply send a secure email to the prospective employee for them to fill out the basic info. As the HR specialist, you can also enter this info but the goal is streamline the process and reduce time spent.

The employee enters their basic info, selects plan options from the pre-propagated list, and hits confirm.


That employee is now enrolled directly with the carrier, transmitted to payroll and other benefits (FSA, HSA, 401K, etc), They also have full access to benefit plans, rates, etc.

Once you operate this way, the old process will seem ridiculous.

We've seen it firsthand and hear from SimplFit companies. It's a no brainer.

For a demo of how simple onboarding/offboarding of employees can be, email or call 866-486-6551

offboarding employees onlineOffboarding employees

When employees leave, the process is equally simplified. Maybe more so.

Cancellation of benefits and other account participation is automatically generated and Cobra packets initiated.

Required notifications are initiated by the system with compliance to Federal and State laws (which are always changing).

The offboarding process has gone from stacks of paperwork to a few clicks on a screen.

It's pretty amazing!

What about other HR processes, especially in light of the ACA law?

Simplfits handles that as well.

Find out exactly what SimplFits can automate for your HR process at or by calling 866-486-6551

Online Compliance and HR

The ACA law has amounted to a steady list of changes, penalties, and requirements for companies offering group health benefits.

Here are the options.

  1. Read volumes of complicated rules and regulations and hope you're doing it correctly.
  2. Let SimplFits take care of making sure your benefit and HR process is in compliance.

You'll get updates on changes in the law. Most of the changes will are built right into the notifications and affected process.

This will allow you to get back to your busy schedule and not miss a beat.

Compliance has become much bigger issue than before.

There are now penalties that can literally put a company out of business.

Penalty for paying toward individuals plans:

$100/day per employee; up to $36K per applicable employee

Lots of potential gotchas for companies as a result of the ACA law.

So be safe. And automate compliance.

Find out more on how we take the compliance headache off your desk at or by calling 866-486-6551

online payroll reportPayroll - THE Killer App

Let's talk about everyone's favorite subject. Payroll.

Imagine this.

Basic info is entered once. Clean and easy interface. (wait till you see it).

Critical info populates over to payroll system. This piece has a nominal charge but the amount of time it will save cannot be overstated.

Here's the beautiful part.

No one wants to change their payroll company

It's a pain. One of the big companies in this space can only use certain payroll companies.

They have issues with some of the biggest payroll companies.

Not ours. Any payroll company (ADP, Paychex, Quicken, etc) that uses an online portal can be integrated.

This is huge!

The whole process of entering the same information into multiple systems including payroll makes ZERO sense in the internet age.

SimplFits is your logical fit here.

All the relevant payroll data will automatically drop down to your system. Securely.

And it can go as robust as you want it.

POP 125 pre-tax contributions? No problem.
IRA contributions with company match? No problem.
HSA and FSA funding? Check. (no problem was getting redundant but seriously, no problem)

Onboarding and offboarding automatically ties in with Payroll to enact changes there as well.

We're happy to walk through any questions you have and a demo of the system. You can email us at or call 866-486-6551

What's the Cost for SimplFits?

It's our favorite question.

The cost for our core HR management system to you is ZERO

We are an established health insurance agency that focus on California group health benefits.

With 1000's of clients and 20+ years experience in the group health market up and down California, we're really good at what we do.

SimplFits was a no-brainer for us.

We pay for the underlying system cost and offer it to our clients that have their group health benefits through us.

There's no cost for our services as a licensed health insurance agent!

Why would we offer SimplFits Free to our Clients?

A few reasons, really.

  1. It's the right thing to do. This is going to be such a huge time and money saver for our clients. We would want someone to tell us about it if the roles were reversed
  2. Our clients are going to be so happy with reducing the current HR burden that they'll never leave us.

It's that simple.

If it's good for our clients, it's good for our business.

That's worth the cost to us.

The no cost platform covers the full HR system including onboarding, offboarding, benefits, compliance, and HR process.

The payroll piece does have an additional cost per employee but the fee is very small when compared to the service it provides.

Again, we're happy to schedule a demo for you so you can see for yourself.

It's pretty slick. We're proud of the offering.

Email us at or call 866-486-6551


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