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Anthem Blue Cross Name change for Blue Cross effective April 1st, 2008    More

Anthem Blue Cross Small Group Rate increase May 1st, 2008    More

March 1st Rate Increase Anthem Blue Cross Individual and Family  More

Update of health Legislation passage The Health Care Security and Cost Reduction Act  More

Preserve Antibiotic power Tips on how to preserve anti-biotic power - Health and Wellness  More

California immunizations Basic information on immunizations in California - Health and Wellness  More

Blue Cross Jan 2008 rate roll-back Cross is reducing Small Group health rates mid-year  More

SCHIPs Bill Status Still Lacks Enough Votes To Override President Bush's Threatened Veto  More

Health Living  New programs from Anthem Blue Cross to support healthy living  More

Anthem Blue Cross announces fee for payment by mail effective 7/1/07      More

Complaints and Regulators for California health plans   More

BeneFits Small Group package from Anthem Blue Cross  More

Anthem Blue Cross announces Small Group rate/benefit changes effective 5/1/07     More

Important tips on how to choose the right health plan    More

Health Savings Account new 2007 levels and contribution guidelines    More

Anthem Blue Cross announces new Lumenos Consumer driven health care     More

Anthem Blue Cross announces rate/benefit changes effective 3/1/07     More

Anthem Blue Cross offers new individual family health insurance plan called Core 5000  More

Anthem Blue Cross eases transfer of coverage for Californians moving to Nevada or Colorado  More

Blue Shield of California awarded highest accreditation by NCQA    More

Blue Shield of California announces rate/benefit changes effective 2/1/07    More

2006 Year Holiday newsletter improvements to the our revamped website and a wish to Be Well    More

Am I Insurable?
Qualifying for Individual and Family coverage. More

Tax favored, low cost health insurance
Health Savings Account offer a new alternative for health insurance. More

Mental Health Parity Bill
Mental Health Parity Bill mandates treatment under California health insurance plans More






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