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Review of AlieraCare for Short term health plans in California

health sharing for shor term health needs in California


Ahhh...the Golden State.


Beautiful coasts and mountains. Check.

Overzealous legislators. Check.


Out of the blue, we received notification that California was banning all short term health plans effective 9/1/2018.


The hard date is 12/1/2018 but since the plans had a 90 day window, no new plans would be issued after 9/1.


We only had one carrier as it was.


So now what?


The genuine need for short term health plans didn't suddenly go away.


We understand if they didn't want to adopt Trump's extension of short term to 364 days but to ban it altogether??


We still have an option in California and it will likely be the dominant short (and longer) term plan for people who can't enroll in Obamacare or can't afford to.


Short term health sharing plans from AlieraCare.


You can jump right to the quote here:

health sharing for short term plans in California


Otherwise, let's look at a quick introduction.


Let's get started.

This is short term after all...

What is California short term


First, some basics.


What exactly is short term health in California.


Short term plans cover more catastrophic needs for a fixed period of time.


They're usually used between other coverages:


  • Waiting periods till new coverage starts
  • Need to get out to open enrollment
  • Lapsed other coverage
  • In between jobs
  • People or relatives visiting California for a fixed period of time


There are as many uses for short term as there are people!


Everyone's situation is different.


The main point to understand is that short term is more catastrophic.


It's there to cover the bigger bills.


Short term is not designed for:

  • Maternity
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Out patient medications
  • Mental health and substance abuse


If those services might be needed, it's probably best to get a standard plan.

You can read more on short term versus Obamacare plans here.


So...what about our new option...AlieraCare??

What is AlieraCare?


AlieraCare is a health sharing plan.


You can read all about health sharing here.


Health sharing plans are NOT insurance.


They work like memberships but we like AlieraCare the most of those available on the market.


In California, it's not really a question if you need short term coverage.

They're the only ones left!!


We like AlieraCare since they have a reserve which is similar to what insurance companies have.


You can read more on why they are best health sharing company here.


With a strong BBB rating and significant growth, we feel confident in their short term health plan.


Let's look at that piece now.

How do their InterimCare plans work?


AlieraCare had many different types of plans.


One of them is called the InterimCare plan.


This functions as their health sharing plan for short term health needs.


It's very comparable in design to what we had before with IHC short term plans.


It's actually broader and more flexible!


A few notes when comparing the plans.




You have a choice of MSRA.

This is the AlieraCare equivalent of a deductible.


There are also three different plan types:

  • Value
  • Plus
  • Premium


We generally recommend going with a higher MSRA (keep rates down) but with a richer plan type.


This has been the most popular approach.


You can compare the plans and rates here:

health sharing for short term plans in California


This is their short term option.


How short is short?


How long can you keep AlieraCare's InterimCare plans


The InterimCare plan is available from 1 to 11 months.


This is actually more flexible than the 90 days we had before with IHC.


The rates differ depending on what maximum duration you want:

  • 30 days
  • 2-6 months
  • 6 to 11 months


If you know you need 6 months or less, you would select that to get the best rate.

Are these the best rates for AlieraCare InterimCare plans in California


The rates shown through the quote below are the best possible AlieraCare rates available anywhere!


There is no cost for our assistance as a licensed AlieraCare agent.


health sharing for short term plans in California


Is there a penalty with the AlieraCare's short term health plans


That's a nice advantage that AlieraCare short term plans have.


There is an exemption from the Federal penalty for not having qualified ACA health insurance.

What is the difference between short term health insurance and health sharing


The short term plans work very similarly.


The differences are with health sharing versus Obamacare health insurance.


We wrote extensively on how to compare these two here.


Health sharing is not health insurance so we want to pick the very best health sharing company available.


That's AlieraCare!


They are also last short term health coverage option available in California!

How quickly can you get AlieraCare short term plans

AlieraCare short term plans can start midnight following online enrollment.


They do not decline people based on health.


Instead, the short term plans have waiting periods for pre-existing conditions.


This is comparable to the old IHC short term plans except IHC could decline people AND they had waiting periods.

That's a plus for AlieraCare short term plans.


You can cancel these short term plans month to month!


How to quote and enroll in AlieraCare short term plans


It's very easy to quote and apply for short term plans by AlieraCare.


It's online!


You can access both here as well as the brochure:

health sharing for short term plans in California


We're happy to help with any questions.


There is ZERO cost for our assistance!

You can run your short term health sharing quote here to view rates and plans


Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Call 800-320-6269 Today!


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