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Practical Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your California Health Plan

Know what your California health plan covers. 

Maybe more importantly, know what it doesn't cover.  You'll get the full policy after being approved for your policy and although it can be daunting to read, try to at least hit the highlights.  You can always call claims by using the members number on the back of your membership card for specific questions.  This is advisable before contemplating any larger medical service.

Choosing your Doctor

Make sure your doctor is in network before using his services for PPO and HSA plans and always manage your care through your Primary Care Doctor or Primary Medical Group if on an HMO.  You can pay much more out of pocket if you do not use your network doctors.  Make sure to select a doctor that speaks your language. 

Be Honest and Thorough with your Doctor

Many people do not divulge their full health history/status with their doctors.  It really is a two-way street and they need this information to properly address your health care.  This is no time to be bashful.  Understand the process of seeing specialists.  Are referrals or prior approvals required?  Make sure before hand so that you pay the least amount.

Membership Card on Hand

Make sure to always carry this on your person.  Your ID# and important phone numbers are on the card for you or for a provider.

Keep your Medical Records

Make sure to keep and organize your medical records both in terms of those pertaining to medical treatment but also the billing and payment side of things.  Include the EOB's (Explanation of Benefits) from the carriers and check these for accuracy as they come in.

Be Healthy

Now that preventative benefits are covered at 100% on newer plans, there's no excuse.  Take advantage of these services to catch potential health issues early. 

Be an Advocate of You

This has never been more true.  You have to speak up for yourselves.  Many people feel intimidated by the health care system and providers.  You must ask questions, give full details, and research options on your own.  That's the world we live in since providers are pressed for time.





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